Sports Nutrition: “bulking up” 

Athletes who want to increase body mass & gain muscle require a well-structured resistance training program & should aim to consume an energy-rich diet which contains adequate amounts of both protein & carbohydrate.  Total daily intake should ideally be increased by approximately 500 – 1000 calories (2000 – 4000kJ) & it can be useful to include three meals & 2-3 energy-rich snacks over the day.  It is important not to over indulge in excessive amounts of high fat, nutrient-poor foods as these may lead to an increase in body fat.

Research indicates that the timing of protein & carbohydrate intake may have a greater effect on increasing lean muscle mass than simply eating large amounts of protein.  Protein helps to stimulate muscle building whilst carbohydrate provides additional energy to help fuel training as well as reduce protein breakdown.

An Accredited Sports Dietitian is the best person to see for accurate up-to-date scientific advice.