Sports Nutrition

Individualized nutrition advice is fundamental to optimal sporting performance. Making some simple nutritional changes can greatly enhance your ability to train hard and recover, which in turn translates into improved sporting performance. This is especially true with endurance athletes. So if you’re serious about your chosen sport, why not make an appointment with our Accredited Sports Dietitians. Having said that, you don’t need to be an athlete to see us. We are happy to assist people of varying fitness levels, from couch potatoes to elite athletes.  

Improved nutrition will:

  • enable you to get the most out of every session
  • optimize your energy levels and make exercise easier and more enjoyable
  • help you to achieve your desired body composition  
  • tone up and/or build muscle
  • help you to recover more quickly 
  • reduce post-exercise muscle soreness
  • improve your immune function so that you can train consistently

In Australia, an Accredited Sports Dietitian is the most qualified nutrition professional to see for sports nutrition advice. 

Coffs Coast Nutrition’s Accredited Sports Dietitians can help with: 

  • General nutrition and sports nutrition advice  
  • Nutritional strategies to enhance sporting performance 
  • Advice regarding gastrointestinal problems such as nausea, reflux, stitch, runner’s gut, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain, bloating etc 
  • Modifications in body fat and/or muscle 
  • Pre-competition and race day nutrition
  • Nutrition to enhance recovery
  • Advice relating to cramping
  • Monitoring of fluid and hydration
  • Information about supplementation
  • Individualized meal plans (prepared by Dylan)

About Louise Williams

Louise has helped many sportspeople – ranging from those who simply want to improve their health and fitness, through to national-ranked athletes who want to gain a competitive edge utilizing the latest nutritional strategies.

Louise is the most experienced Accredited Sports Dietitian on the Coffs Coast. She also previously carried out a Level 1 triathlon coaching course as well as Level 2 Coaching Principles through the NSW Academy of Sport. She is a qualified PT.

Louise has had the privilege of helping athletes from a variety of different sports. She previously competed in triathlons, and has had numerous wins and placings during her years in the sport, in events ranging from sprint (500m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) up to Ironman distance (3.8k swim, 180k bike, 42.2k run).

She has worked with state and national level athletes in a diverse range of sports including triathlon (sprint distance to IM), running, cycling, swimming, adventure racing, AFL, rugby league, rugby union, strength athletes, jockeys, dancers and more.   

About Dylan Gunn

Dylan is passionate about sports nutrition and helping athletes of all levels reach their sporting potential through good nutrition. He has been involved in both solo and team sports since the age of five and has also coached athletes in track sprinting and field events. These experiences combined with his studies in sports nutrition make him the perfect person to see for individually tailored sports nutrition advice. 

Dylan utilises recipe modification as a means to help people meet their goals in a practical and sustainable way. He has extensive experience in the food service industry and has always loved to cook. He enjoys creating customised meal plans for our athletes.   

Dylan can help with: 

  • Individualized meal plans 
  • Specialised sports nutrition advice  
  • Nutritional strategies to enhance sporting performance 
  • Modifications in body fat and/or muscle 
  • Pre-competition and race day nutrition
  • Nutrition to enhance recovery
  • Information about supplementation

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