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Coffs Coast Nutrition is the local area’s most trusted nutrition and dietetics practice. Our team provides individualized nutrition, exercise and wellness advice in a supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment – in person and via telehealth (your choice of phone or Zoom / video). Our holistic approach is designed to help you achieve the best possible result and keep you motivated so that you can become fitter, happier and healthier. We also offer a greater range of appointment days and times than other nutrition practices in the Coffs Harbour area.

Coffs Coast Nutrition is a small family-owned, local business. We don’t employ physiotherapists, massage therapists or occupational therapists, however we are happy to work alongside other allied health professionals or refer you to the appropriate person. The fact that we are a small business is an advantage. It means that you will receive more personalized attention than if you were to attend a bigger clinic that employs a large number of staff. Our dietitians and personal trainer are also highly qualified and experienced.

Coffs Coast Nutrition owns an AlterG anti-gravity treadmill which uses state of the art NASA technology to reduce loading during walking and running. Coffs Coast Nutrition has the only anti-gravity treadmill between Coffs Harbour and the QLD border. The AlterG treadmill uses differential air pressure to enable pain-free walking or running at 20-100% of a person’s body weight. This equipment is utilised by people who would otherwise find exercise too painful, however it is also used to enhance sporting performance by top athletes. For more information: click on the ‘AlterG’ tab (at the top of our home page) and watch the short videos.

Our Nutritionists / Dietitians offer appointments during week days. Weekend and after hours appointments are also available. Over the past 3-4 years we have found that our phone / video / Zoom consultations have become very popular, Australia-wide. This is due to the convenience and the fact that you don’t need to leave home or work to get the benefit of specialised nutrition advice.

Our PT (Col) offers one-on-one sessions by appointment 7 days per week – either outdoors or in our studio gym. Col has a great way of making people feel comfortable and at ease. We guarantee you won’t feel intimidated so if you’ve never enjoyed exercise in the past, give us a call – we know how to make exercise fun and enjoyable.

You do not need to see our Nutritionists / Dietitians to attend PT sessions (although there are benefits to combining both nutrition and exercise).

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